Fish Tacos!

11 Jul

This month has been crazy with work, classes, and my husbands show schedule. With several late nights a week (getting home around 10PM) we sometimes fall into the trap of eating whatever is convenient or available (pizza and carry out- oh my!) Last night I decided no more and made a healthy dinner- fish tacos! I have never made fish tacos before but I saw some gorgeous Orange Roughy fillets at my favorite place Village Market and decided to try it. I marinated the fish in EVOO, lime juice, chili powder, cumin, and smoked paprika briefly before throwing them on the grill.

Note: Fish does not need to be marinated long, 15-30 minutes is enough! The acid in the marinade will turn it into fish mush. I once marinated some beautiful freshly caught salmon fillets overnight in a lemon/orange/balsamic marinade thinking it would taste wonderful and they turned into fish mush stew- not good.

I made some lime-cilantro crema with greek yogurt and added a little tabasco to it for heat (or Stinky Sauce as I call it) and picked up some corn relish from the deli which was a little smoky and spicy (chipotle?). Served with cole slaw. The tortillas are high-fiber/low carb. Yum!


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