17 Jul

Happy Birthday Ryan!

We started with a delicious dinner at Union Pizzeria in Evanston. For the table we ordered the Swiss chard with pine nuts, currants, and shaved garlic, a Caesar salad, an asparagus/potato/smoked mozzarella pizza, and a sausage pizza. I ordered a Dogfish 60 India pale ale which was delicious and refreshing. I was planning to take a picture of our dinner but the food/conversation was too good and I was starving after a very long day.

After dinner, Omar joined us and we decided we needed some fro-yo. We tried a new place on Chicago Avenue that I have forgotten the name of. The decor was very clinical and made you feel as if you were eating in a hospital or an operating room but it was good!

Ryan and Amber

I went with a small vanilla yogurt with blueberries, kiwi, and crumbled chocolate.

Omar digs in

I look a little exhausted here but I think the fro-yo is giving me a second wind.

Happy Birthday Ryan!


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