Spinach and Sunflowers

30 Jul

I got home from work today and desperately needed a snack. I was inspired by one of my fellow food bloggies and decided to make a chocolate spinach smoothie. This may sound a little gross but seriously all you taste is the chocolate. Yum!

1 cup Chocolate Almond milk
2 big handfuls of baby spinach
A handful of ice
a few leftover blackberries from last night

Then I decided to go outside while it was still light to check out my crazy overgrown garden that needs some weeding. It’s a shame that I haven’t been able to spend much time in the yard to enjoy all the hard work I did in the Spring.

I have some serious sunflowers growing that I did not plant. I was wondering where they came from when I realized they are near the bird feeder. Wasn’t that nice of the birds to plant these for me? Thanks guys! You’re welcome for the free food!

Some cinnamon basil that is going nuts.


Sweet pea. This guy smells great! Very fragrant!

A random flowering vine that has taken over my shepherd’s hook and bird feeder.

Tons of basil! Going to make some pesto!

And…some more giant zucchini

Planning to make a chicken gumbo tonight for dinner per hubby’s request!


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