It’s my party and I’ll eat what a want to…

3 Aug

This last weekend was my birthday and it was filled with fun and exciting eats. First was a dinner Prairie Moon in Evanston. I thought the plan was a casual dinner out with the hubby but I got to the restaurant and several really awesome people were there waiting- with cake!

With only a fleeting regard for calories or nutrition I ordered the veggie burger with fries. Yup. I brought most of it home because I was too excited and busy chatting with friends.

Cake made by Kim. It was red velvet! Do my friends know me or what?

On Sunday, Mike told me there was even more to my birthday. This included reservations at the always fabulous Pete Millers. Mike contemplates the menu…

Their appetizer special was fried green tomatoes! We had to try them. They were delicious and covered with soft shell crab and a spicy salsa.

After a lot of debate, Mike decided on the rack of lamb. I was particularly happy about this because Mike is known to share when he is in a good mood.

I ordered the sea scallops with butternut squash ravioli and Gorgonzola cream sauce. It was as good as it looks.

After dinner we took a walk around Evanston and ended up at Starbucks for an after dinner latte. Then we moseyed on over to the theatre to see Inception. I had a fabulous birthday weekend coordinated by my amazing hubby. I am one lucky girl!


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