Pure Michigan

10 Aug

Our weekend in Michigan to celebrate our 5 year anniversary was wonderful. We crammed a lot of fun stuff into a short time and we certainly enjoyed the local flavors. After arriving late on Thursday we found our inn and got settled in. The next morning we were both anxious to get out and explore the town. We started with breakfast at Michigan Thyme, a cute little cafe in the center of town.

“Loaded” oatmeal with pecans, raisins, and cranberries plus multi-grain toast and coffee

I wanted to pick some fresh fruit while we were there and check out the local wine so we hit up Lemon Creek Winery and Fruit Farm were we could do both.

For our anniversary dinner, we decided on Brewster’s Italian Cafe also in New Buffalo. We shared the dinner special which came with salad, one of their specialty pizzas, and an entree.

Margherita Pizza

Shrimp with a creamy risotto and heirloom tomatoes in a brown butter sauce. The sun was going down as we were eating so the light is a little bad (I hate using a flash).

For lunch we stopped at Smokin’ Woody’s BBQ for some insane BBQ. This was quite possibly the best BBQ I have ever had. The sauce is amazing! This is not a place you want to go if you are in anyway attempting to be health conscious. This is the grilled chicken which I determined was probably the healthiest thing on the menu.

The next day we walked over the Sausage and Corn Fest. I didn’t try the sausage but went for the corn and I ate Mike’s watermelon.

We had an amazing time in Michigan. I hope we can go back soon!


One Response to “Pure Michigan”

  1. Karen August 12, 2010 at 12:51 am #

    What a great trip–and a great place for “foodies”–

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