13 Aug

Today was a very long day! I had five patient visits all over the South suburbs from Matteson to Calumet City to Palos Heights before I could begin the 41 mile trek back to E-town. Yikes! My poor car! When I got home I got caught up on some emails and other work which included making dinner!

But before dinner I hoped on the treadmill and ran 2.5 miles! The 2 miles were fine, I was chugging right along, but that last 0.5 mile was not fun.

When I came back upstairs, hubby had grilled up the chicken breasts I had marinaded. I think he did a good job!

I marinaded these guys in a concoction of balsamic vinegar, juice of a lime, Worcestershire sauce, herbs and seasoning and EVOO. Random but tasty.

Recently, I have been trying to incorporate new whole grains into my diet. Tonight I decided to bust out the millet!

It’s pretty good! It doesn’t really have a distinctive flavor and pretty much tastes like what you put on it. It looks like bird seed and that is because it actually is. Millet is used in bird food. I’m wondering if feeding my husband bird food is taking it too far? I’m half expecting him to sit me down and say “We need to talk…”

I added some grilled eggplant and sauteed peppers to the millet. Yum! I didn’t want a whole giant breast so I put a few slices on top of mine and saved the rest of it for my lunch tomorrow. I wanted to make a spinach smoothie and after I added the almond milk and spinach to the blender I realized I was completely out of Splenda! Ah! So, this is a for-real-no-weakling smoothie. Just spinach and almond milk. Hardcore. I put in a handful of raspberries and reminded myself how many nutrients I was consuming.

Time for Real Housewives of Washington DC! Guilty pleasure! ๐Ÿ™‚


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