You can’t get a man with a gun…

16 Aug

…But you can get him with peach cobbler! My BFF Andrew sent us an email the other day that said “who is up for Patti LuPone/Annie Get Your Gun with the CSO at Ravinia Sunday night? I immediately replied, um, me? I love Ravinia. To me it is one of the things that really makes Chicago great. I actually prefer lawn seating to Pavilion because I love whipping up a fun picnic and enjoying some great wine and music under the stars.

Now, packing a picnic for Ravinia takes some thought. You have to pack foods that do not need to be served hot and that travel well, often via train. I decided on roast chicken with pesto (made from scratch with my garden basil) Giada’s bruschetta with shrimp, tarragon, and arugula, fruit salad with a mint vinaigrette, a mixed green salad with a balsamic dressing and a peach cobber for dessert! Andrew was sommelier for the evening and brought some great wines.

The weather was perfect!

Our view of the stage. They had giant screens set up so you could see what was going on from the lawn.

Our spread


My plate (plus more bruschetta as the night went on)

Andrew arrived with the wine!

First we sampled a Tannat from Uruguay. I had never tried a Tannat or a wine from Uruguay. It was good, fruity! (blackberry?)

Next we sampled an Argentinian Malbec. Andrew shares my love of South American reds.

They both went perfect with the meal!

Andrew’s plate.

My peach cobbler. I didn’t follow a recipe for this and kind of winged it. I cut up/peeled 6 big peaches and cooked them in a pan with 1/2 cup of white wine, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and when they were soft I put them in a 8×4 Pyrex and covered it with an oats/melted butter/sugar topping. Bake for 15 minutes at 350. Nom nom!

Roast chicken. I put this guy on the grill while I made the bruschetta then cut it up in pieces for the picnic.

Pesto in the food processor. I love fresh pesto. It is so much better than the stuff in the stores. Meh. No comparison.

What a great evening!


One Response to “You can’t get a man with a gun…”

  1. Karen August 18, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    Wow–Summer does not get any better than that!

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