Gettin’ My Groupon

18 Aug

I signed up a while ago to get daily emails from Groupon. Basically, there is a daily deal featured that is good for one day. It’s usually a restaurant but sometimes it’s a discount at a salon or maybe an experience (helicopter rides?). The other day my friend Ryan sent out an APB that they were offering $20 worth of food/drink for $10 at one of our favorite places, Addis Abeba. I immediately instructed the hubby to jump on that one and we decided to take a walk over there tonight (about 1.5 miles from the house) to cash in our Groupon!

We started out with shorba which is a cold cucumber and yogurt soup with honey and mint. It kind of looks like a big bowl of ranch dressing but I assure you it didn’t taste like that. Very refreshing!

Then we shared a combo entree that consisted of Yebeg alitcha (lamb) and Doro tibs (chicken) with carrots, potatoes, and zucchini simmered in a tomato sauce with ginger and garlic. Yum!

On the walk home we passed St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Evanston which was the site of a wedding for some very cool people about 5 years ago.

What a great summer night and we only spent about $10. Yeah Groupon!


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