Pizza Night: Upgrade

18 Sep

Tonight for pizza night, I made pizza margherita that incorporated some unusual but very tasty organic heirloom tomatoes. However, before I even got a chance to start making the pizza I experienced a few epic fail moments.

Epic Fail No. 1

I purchased a big bottle of Merlot that I was quite excited about only to drop it right outside the back door due to my overly excited dogs greeting me and general clumsiness.

Epic Fail No. 2

In my struggle to keep the dogs from stepping on the broken glass, keep myself from stepping on the broken glass, keep myself from tracking Merlot into the house, and weeping for the fallen wine, I let in this guy.

I present to you one very angry yellow jacket? hornet? I trapped him in the stairwell between the door to the kitchen and the backdoor. This guy was gigantic and ready to sting me.

While I sat trapped in my house waiting for hubby to get home, I got started on the pizza. The upgrade portion of the evening included a new non-glazed ceramic pizza stone! Yeah!

My ingredients for the pizza. Heirloom tomatoes, basil from the garden, fresh mozzarella on top of Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough.

Aren’t they weird looking? I particularly like the dark stripey one.

Whipped up some pesto in the food processor. I used this recipe. It is always good.

Pizza assembled on stone and ready to go into a hot oven. I let the pizza stone preheat with the oven so it wouldn’t explode and become fail no. 3 (See how I learn? I’m a quick one).

Then the hubby came home with the backup wine and ready for hornet patrol. My hero!

Yes, please.


Off to enjoy the pizza and a stinging insect free house. Hope you have a great weekend!


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