Getting Creative with Leftovers

21 Sep

I have several new goals involving food and health. One is buy organic whenever possible, two is purchase locally grown foods, and the third is less waste! Nothing makes me more sad than to throw away perfectly good food out of the fridge because we didn’t eat it before it went bad and it got all mushy and gross. My strategy to meet this goal is to better plan my recipes so that everything I bring home from the market goes into to mine(our) bellies.

That being said, I present to you my creative and healthy way to use leftovers. Everything I used for these two salads was purchased for another recipe.

First up Beef and Barley salad! The barley was purchased for a chili.

Dry toast the barley first, it makes a big difference. Then I cooked it in leftover stock from super spicy chicken stew night.

Leftover organic heirloom tomatoes from pizza/fail night.

I am roasting them to make a tomato/mozzarella/basil salad (mozzarella also leftover from pizza night)

A stray sauteed zucchini and onion go in with the cooked barley.

Roast tomatoes, mozzarella, balsamic vinegar make the tomato salad…

My plate. Yay! Lots of color and lots of leftover foods used. Mike’s plate had beef with his barley salad. I chopped up a leftover pub burger from the other night and put it on top.

I feel so green 🙂


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