Spring form pan Madness

25 Sep

On my first ever trip to IKEA last weekend I picked up a spring form pan. I was consumed with thoughts of making velvety cheesecakes and…and…wait…what else can you make with a spring form pan? I mean, the purchase was worth it for that use alone but certainly there is something else I could do with it, right? So, I thought and thought..and then it came to me…


And, not just any pizza, Chicago-style deep dish pizza (this line of reasoning, by the way, is the reason why my husband married me) I quickly got to work making some dough. I used Trader Joe’s whole wheat flour.

It makes sense on a theoretical level but I was sure if it would maintain its structural integrity.

I went with a spinach pizza with italian sausage on half for the hubby.

Spinach and cheese.

Topped with tomato…

Place in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes and when it comes out let it cool before removing the pan.

And it worked! The sides held together perfectly! No more ordering from Giordano’s for us! I made this pizza for about $5 bucks.

Nom nom nom

I have to wake up ridiculously early to drive down state for a conference tomorrow. Hope you have a relaxing Saturday! Night!


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