Pizza Night!

17 Oct

It’s pizza night again! This time I made a spinach, pesto, Italian (chicken) sausage pizza. I was going to make a roast chicken and use that but today was a full day of studying, getting caught on a million emails, and other work things so I used some fully cooked TJ’s sausage (which was very tasty). I’ll probably roast the chicken for tomorrow’s dinner.

Throw that pizza in the oven for about 12 minutes at 400.

While the pizza is cooking, admire your second Keurig related package from Amazon this week (I’m obsessed).

A carousel! So many varieties of coffee right at your fingertips and it really clears up some counter space!


Okay, back to dinner….pizza with a glass of wine!

Now, I am anti-packaged pesto. I like fresh pesto made from basil right out of my garden but this pesto from Trader Joes was pretty good, and not too expensive (another con of pre-packaged pesto).


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