Happy Thanksgiving from AGIHK!

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This year we drove down to Kentucky as is tradition and I was in charge of all things food related. It was quite a feat, especially after very little sleep Wednesday night but after about 5+ hours of non stop prep and cooking I presented a feast to my Mom, Grandmother, and Hubby.

Official 2010 Thanksgiving Menu:

Pancetta-Sage Turkey with Pancetta-Sage Gravy
Cornbread stuffing
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes with Maple Syrup, brown sugar, and almonds
Sauteed Kale with toasted walnuts
Green Beans
Corn Pudding from Shaker recipe book
Cranberry Sauce
Dinner Rolls

Desserts: Blackberry cobbler, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (made by Mom)

For proper cooking times for the turkey, I consulted my Mom’s really old copy of BH&G. I think this is from 1976? Classic.

I started with preparing the pancetta sage butter for the turkey.

And made the stuffing to put in the bird. Sauteed pancetta and onion went into the stuffing.

14 pound turkey prepped and ready to go into the oven.

I wrapped him up in a nice snuggly foil tent and put him in a 450 degree oven for 30 minutes then reduced heat to 350 for the rest of the cooking time.

Cranberry Sauce!

Old handwritten recipe written by my Mom for corn pudding in the back of a Shaker cookbook. Apparently she got this recipe from a former Kentucky governor? Random.

It was easy and delicious!

All burners going!

Kale rinsed and dried and ready to be sauteed.

My tablescape. I pulled this together with some things I had around the house that I brought with and some inexpensive table linens.

5 hours later….

This turkey was delicious and very moist. Possibly even better than last year’s bird!

Mike was in charge of carving the bird and apparently pulling its limbs apart?

Garlic potatoes! So glad everyone voted to leave the skins in. Yum!

I wasn’t planning to make sweet potatoes but I found two giant sweet potatoes in the pantry and had to make them. They are mashed and I added a little butter and maple syrup and sprinkled some toasted almonds on top.

Our “wine” for the evening, lol.

Howie, my Mom’s really old cat that we got when I was in 7th grade looks over the meal.

My plate- mostly green with just a taste of the ‘bad’ stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Mike was in charge of dishes!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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