Da Bears

13 Dec

What a blustery frigid Sunday!

Started out this morning with some cinnamon apricot muffins for hubby. I don’t really have a recipe as I was mostly winging it. It involved some Trader Joe’s baking mix, cinnamon, nutmeg, an egg, almond milk, and apricot jam. I also make an egg scramble with the leftover pepper stuffing from last night. I just scrambled a few eggs and mixed in the stuffing. Easy!

Since it looked like this outside…

We all decided to stay indoors.

Dog bed fail.

In honor of the Bears who were trying to play football in this crazy weather, I made some kielbasa and cabbage in the slow cooker. I used lean turkey kielbasa and it was excellent. It also had half the calories and a fourth of the fat calories as the beef version.

Chopped up a head of cabbage and shredded it in the food processor.

To the cabbage I added cider vinegar, celery salt, black pepper, caraway seed, a little bit of sweetener and a little EVOO.

Throw it all in the slow cooker and cook it on low for about 8 hours.

And you get this.

It was Hubs excellent idea to add some Dijon mustard- exactly what it needed. Fabulous!

I have an early day tomorrow and lots of driving. I hope the roads aren’t too bad!


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