Parmesan Pesto Herb Crusted Whitefish

16 Dec

Okay. So, I am on this weird eating kick. I’m “off carbs” so to speak. Basically, I avoid sugar, flour, all breads, etc. I do this now and again when I hit a weight loss plateau. It’s actually not that hard because I generally feel a lot better when my blood sugar isn’t jumping all over the place and I really like veggies. The hardest part is planning ahead.

For dinner I decided to make some whitefish that will not make you miss breadcrumbs! Parmesan Pesto Herb crusted whitefish! The fish is Alaskan cod.

I made a crust of Parmesan, herbs Provence, salt and pepper.

Smear the pesto over the fillet and coat it will the crust mixture. Then pan fry it up in some hot EVOO.

I served my fish with some steamed, organic broccoli.

Crispy, flavorful crust over white flaky fish! Yum!


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