Tavern at the Park

24 Dec

Last week was the Midwest Band Clinic and that means our annual dinner downtown with The Burns’. This year we went to Tavern at the Park which I realized after arriving was the same place we went last year!

Entrees ordered included the sliced leg of lamb…

Rotisserie Roasted With Lamb Jus & Goat Cheese Whipped Potatoes

Seared Ahi Tuna..

Asian Slaw, Black & White Sesame Seeds, Peanut Soy Drizzle

and I got the Brick Chicken.

Deboned, Marinated In Lemon, Garlic, Chili Flake & Oregano With Garlic Thyme Sauce

I can’t remember the bottle of wine we ordered. It was red, and delicious. Mike arrived later after the opening of his show and ordered a Prime Rib sandwich that was formidable but he gave it his best shot. It was a great evening and I think we have decided that this is ‘our place’. Next year, I will go for the lamb.


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