Fuel for Shopping!

26 Dec

Whew! These last three days have been busy with Mike’s birthday and the following Christmas festivities. I will post about all that later but today we have an afternoon of shopping, latte drinking, and general fun planned. I have several gift cards waiting to be spent! Hoping to pick up some things for our NYE travel plans. So excited!

To fuel our day I made some beans and polenta. This recipe was a result of me taking a look in our sad, empty pantry and throwing something together. It was very tasty and more along the lines of a typical meal in this house. I have enjoyed all the rich, tasty treats over the last few days but I’m ready to get back to normal. Pass the spinach!

Polenta and Cannellini Beans

Get the polenta going (1 cup). I added sea salt to the boiling water and a little butter and grated parm to the finished polenta.

Fresh tomatoes would have been nice but I had exactly one can of tomato paste in the pantry. Added the beans and tomato to some olive oil and sauteed garlic. Spices included some paprika, red pepper, thyme, salt and pepper.

This dish is high in fiber, protein, vegetarian, and budget friendly.

Bundling up to dig ourselves out of our house (crazy snow?) and we are off!


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