Baked Spaghetti Squash à la Ally (plus some random stuff from my fridge)

5 Jan

I love spaghetti squash! It is so tasty and such a good alternative to pasta. I made something this evening that I will call baked spaghetti squash. First, I cut the squash in half and put it in the oven for about 45 minutes at 350 and proceeded to hop on the treadmill.

When it was done I scraped out the squash into a bowl and added some grated parm, spinach, and shredded cheese (I thought I had mozzarella but I had cheddar- I know, random).

I added a can of this red clam sauce, some juice from a lemon and salt and pepper.

Dump into a Pyrex, sprinkle some breadcrumbs and more shredded cheese on top…

I also added a tablespoon of Earth Balance which is this vegan spread that I see often on several of the food blogs I read. I was excited when I saw it in my local grocery so I picked up a tub. It is quite tasty with no hydrogenated oils or cholesterol. I generally hate margarine but this is pretty good, plus you can bake with it.

Anywho, it came out of the oven bubbling.



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