Sunday Bucket!

3 Apr

Did you know that on Sunday KFC will sell you a bucket of chicken for $10 bucks?  Insane!  Now, before you get all ‘that’s not healthy crazy chicken lady’ I will tell you that you can get any type of chicken, including the new Kentucky grilled chicken.  Hubby had his sights on the extra crispy so we did a mixture of each.  I passed on the sides and provided my own green salad and corn.


But let’s go back a little.  On Saturday morning I made some cupcakes for a get together with some awesome ladies.  It was a goddess party and girls only so I made something extra girly (pink cupcakes anyone?).  It was so nice to detach myself from the home office for a little bit.

Lemon cupcakes with pink sprinkles topped with Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Bellys.

Also, I am excited about  my little window herb garden.  Here are some little sprouts coming up.  I have basil, Italian parsley, and chives in here.

Tomorrow is Monday and the beginning of a very long week.  Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!



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