Mostly Meatless Monday

18 Apr

Tonight’s dinner was a sort of hodge-podge.  I wasn’t really sure what to make with the random items in the fridge, one zucchini, a head of cauliflower, various cans of stuff in the pantry.  After finding a little inspiration over at Kath, I decided to make a crock pot vegetarian dish using cannellini beans (because I didn’t have chickpeas) with my random veggies.

In the crockpot I threw in a cup of rice with 2 cups veggie stock, chopped zucchini, cauliflower cut into florets, carrots, can of beans and a whole bunch of spices including: curry, tumeric, cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, and a can of tomato paste, garlic salt, salt and pepper.

Hubby came home from work asked what was for dinner.  When I told him what was brewing he promptly asked “where’s the meat?”.  He was less enthusiastic about my meatless Monday.  A request for steak was presented, ultimately we settled on a couple of tilapia fillets.  I put on a light breading and fried them up in a little EVOO on my new cast iron grill from World Market (LOVE this thing!)

Yum!  This was very tasty and very easy.  Plus, plenty for lunch tomorrow!

Hubby named this dinner Indian Awesome.


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