Ocean Perch with Lemon-Tarragon Mayo

15 Jun

For dinner tonight I started with some tarragon from the garden.  I specifically planted tarragon this year for recipes like this…

I picked up some ocean perch fillets at the market and while I was there I saw that they had a variety of herb plants for super cheap so I also picked up some sage, purple basil, and lemon thyme.  My herb garden is complete! Bwah ha ha!

I made a sauce for the fish with mayo, chopped tarragon, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Mix the sauce, smear it on the fillets.

With the fish I served some brown rice…

…and some carrots and zucchini, matchstick style

I wrapped everything in foil and tossed it all on the grill.

Today has been a really long day.  It started at 5AM with zero coffee, the discovery of a new leak in one of our pipes and subsequent basement lake created ironically enough by the repair to original leak (how does THAT happen?), horrible traffic, horrible rain, super long meeting and several patient visits.   Exhausted.  To bed.

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