Chicken on the Grill, Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and the Garden

25 Jun

My camera is still acting a little weird and refusing to recognize the photo card but for some reason this evening it starting working again.  Perhaps this is because I took it into Best Buy to get it fixed (it can’t be) and I threatened to purchase a new Panasonic with super neat features…

Dinner was an Open Range chicken with no hormones/additives or meanness to the chicken that I picked it up for 50% off at Dominicks.  On the chicken I put EVOO, fresh herbs from the garden (rosemary, sage, thyme), salt and pepper.   On the grill tucked in some foil for about an hour…

Brussels sprouts and a baked potato..

My veggie garden this year.  Not pictured- a few rows of lettuce and all of my tomato plants (6 total).

Here is the one cherry on my Rainier cherry tree.  When I harvest this bad boy I am going to make the worlds smallest cherry tart.  Stay tuned…

The garden..

Stargazer lily

My roses are full of buds!

Lavender geranium and purple sweet potato vine I picked up from the Elegant Farmer in WI along with some begonias.

Climbing nasturtium towers.

Flower boxes in the front of the house.  Notice freshly sanded and painted window frames…

Busy day tomorrow!  I’m heading into the city for the pride parade and hoping to catch up with hubby and family out in the ‘burbs in the late afternoon!

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