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Just Come Over for Dinner

27 Jun

Sunday was a crazy day full of family, friends, and food.  I started out in the morning by meeting my friend Drew at the Starbucks on Clark and Belmont  before heading over the start line of the Annual Chicago Pride Parade.  He is the president of the Lakeside Pride Marching Band and my job was to walk along side with the band with water and I was also charged with taking tons of pics.

After the parade was over a very hot and sweaty me jumped on the L to get back north so we could head out to the second phase of the day, dinner with family.  I came home and took the quickest shower ever, threw on something clean and we were out the door.

It was totally worth the whirlwind to catch up with family and eat some of these delicious, summery eats.

Roasted, smokey vegetables

Found a nice spot in the shade to eat.

Koi pond

After eating and chattin’ it up it was time to head on to our next engagement, dinner at the lovely Espinoza’s.


We were treated to delicious pork chops (loved the marinade and sauce!), potatoes, green beans, and fruit salad.

And cake!

Thanks guys for the good food and good conversation!  Dinner was fabulous!

We came home and I immediately went to bed completely exhausted!  So tired but what a wonderful day!

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