Happy Birthday America!

5 Jul

Happy Fourth of July!!

We were so lucky here in Chicagoland to have a beautiful day for the fourth without a cloud in the sky…

I was especially pleased with the weather because I had an afternoon of grill time and beer sipping planned with a few peeps stopping by the house for a bite.  In preparation for the event I discovered that I had completely run out of butt rub (tragic!) so I created a version that was similar based off of the ingredients list and some input from Mr. Bobby Flay.

I rubbed my Ally butt rub all over a collection of chicken and pork ribs and into the fridge to marinate!

Time to get started on the pie.  This year, my food challenge was to make an apple pie entirely from scratch.  And, I wanted to bake said pie in a brown bag ala The Elegent Farmer on the grill.  Crazy!

I followed this recipe fairly closely.  Then it was time to place it in a brown bag and on the grill heated to 400 degrees.

Time to get the meat going on the charcoal grill.  I added some hickory smoke chips to the charcoal and it made all the different- a wonderful smoky flavor to the meat and vegetables.

Nibbles- Trader Joe’s chili and corn salsa with chips, apple slices.

Corn in husk..

Smokey vegetables (eggplant, carrot, onion, potatoes)

Fruit salad with a sprig of garden mint.

And a fresh batch of Ally’s BBQ sauce.

Meat!  We also made a batch of O’Mara beef burgers.

Backyard badminton.  I think this is an impression of Andrew playing volleyball…

And then it was time for pie served with Andrew’s sorbet.

Mmmm pie…

It was a perfect summer evening with good friends and good food- and nothing caught on fire!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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