Stuffed Peppers!

26 Jul

Tis the season for giant, delicious peppers that are perfect for stuffin’

Stuffed peppers are easy to make and the ingredient options are endless.  For this batch I used what I had available- zucchini,tomato, red onion, lentils, and feta cheese plus a little herb action- herbs de Provence, oregano salt and pepper.

After sauteing the veggies until they are tender, add crumbled feta, brown rice, lentils.

Stuff! I threw some Italian sausage bits into the meat loving hubby’s pepper.

Stuffed Peppers!
(approximate measurements, I mostly eyeballed it)

2 large peppers
1/2 cup feta
3/4 cup brown rice
1/2 lentils
1 zucchini, chopped
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
red onion, chopped
EVOO for sauteing

Cut tops of peppers, remove seeds and inside.  Make rice and lentils.  Saute zucchini, tomato, onion in EVOO, add feta, rice, herbs, salt and pepper and mix well.  Stuff veggie/lentil mixture into peppers, place the top back on and place in 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes or until the peppers are tender.


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