Belgium Waffles and Bacon- A Love Story

7 Aug

Saturday was my husband and my 6th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been that long- time sure flies!  He hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet but I suspect that might have something to do with the large percentage of my downtime that is dedicated to feeding him.

And today was no exception…

I started the morning with Belgium Waffles with mini chocolate chips and strawberries- Emeril’s recipe via Food Network.  I followed the recipe closely except I used almond milk and whole wheat flour and added chocolate chips.

After breakfast I got this!  Squeeeee! So excited!

A real, serious photographer camera! This baby has everything I could use at this point in my amateur photography adventures including Blu Ray level video (sweet!).  I have to admit I am a little intimidated by all the features, I have only ever had a point and shoot but I will figure it out!

I love it.

After pressies (I got him something, too) we took a nice little hike covering a little over three miles because we were far from done eating today.

Lunch.  Anyone who knows my husband knows he loves of his love for sandwiches, specifically the BLT.  I whipped him up a BLT with extra tomato (I had an LT- hold the B).

Heading out to dinner at the Davis Street Fish Market in Evanston.  They fly their seafood in daily and always have a great selection.

Appetizer- Buffalo Calamari

Softshell crab sandwich

Maryland crab cakes (I could only finish half so I have a whole crab cake and leftover broccoli waiting for me for lunch today)

Another short little stroll in Evanston..

And for dessert after we got home I made the hubster chocolate chip cookies and he signed up for another 6 years.

The end.

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