I decided to start A Girl in her Kitchen to give myself a forum to document and share my culinary adventures with friends and family.  I love to cook and I am a big fan of different flavors and ethnic food.  I am always up for trying something new!  My biggest fan is my husband who bravely eats anything I create.

I grew up in Kentucky, the land of fried chicken and biscuits, so the healthiest eating habits were not exactly instilled in me at an early age.  I have struggled with my weight since I was nine and I have tried every diet on the market.  At various times of my life I have gone as far as ruling out entire food groups (I once went a year without eating bread or anything containing white flour) and although it was moderately successful in terms of weight loss it was impossible to maintain.  Who wants to go to a wedding and not have a bite of the cake or never eat another sandwich? Gradually over the years I have incorporated healthier options into my diet.  I have since decided that eating a balanced diet full of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and quality lean protein combined with an active lifestyle is the best way for me.  It is also important to me to support local farmers and purchase as much organic produce as my budget allows as well as meat that comes from free range and humanely treated animals.

Update: I am starting a rigorous, full-time doctoral program in the fall and will be subsequently working a lot less so plan to see some budget friendly recipes!

Thanks for visiting and feel to comment or contact me at allisonomara@gmail.com! or ‘Like’ A Girl in Her Kitchen on Facebook here or Follow me on Twitter.


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