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A Girl in Her Kitchen Has Moved!!

30 Oct

Same kitchen, different web address!  Check it out at:


Household: Cleaning Silver without Chemicals

28 Jul

I know this blog is primarily me taking photos of various foods I make for dinner but I thought I would share a little household tip that works, happens to be green, and you probably already have every item you need around your house!

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Upcoming: AGIHK Book Review!

14 Jun

I received an email a little while back from Everyday Health to review their new book Everyday Health: My Calorie Counter.  The book is a guide for weight loss progress and can be coupled with Everyday Health’s My Calorie Counter mobile apps so it is ‘as though you have a concierge weight loss specialist at you beck and call any time of day or night, when cravings can be their most powerful.’ Sounds neat!

Looking forward to giving it a read and stay tuned for a possible giveaway!

Chicago Style Sausage and Peppers (Go Bulls)

21 Apr

The Bulls are in the playoffs which means my husband will be spending the next several nights screaming at the television and scaring the holy hell out of the cat.  In an effort to be supportive, I made one of my husband’s favorite dishes, sausage and peppers.

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Greek Burgers

12 Apr

The weather is starting to get a little better and I have begun to remember what it feels like to not be bundled up and freezing.  I felt this experience was worthy of some Greek burgers and summery sides.

1 lb. ground turkey

Baby spinach

Feta cheese

1 medium onion


McCormick’s Chicken seasoning, salt, pepper.

Saute chopped onion and garlic in a little EVOO, add spinach until it wilts.  Pour onion/spinach mixture in bowl with ground turkey, feta, add seasoning and mix well.  Form into burgers and get cooking.

Excitement ensued…

I served my burgers with corn on the cob and some steamed veggies and brown rice leftover from the previous night.

Nom nom nom!

I can’t wait to fire up the grill this season.  During the summer, my oven is rarely on.  Too hot!

Sunday Bucket!

3 Apr

Did you know that on Sunday KFC will sell you a bucket of chicken for $10 bucks?  Insane!  Now, before you get all ‘that’s not healthy crazy chicken lady’ I will tell you that you can get any type of chicken, including the new Kentucky grilled chicken.  Hubby had his sights on the extra crispy so we did a mixture of each.  I passed on the sides and provided my own green salad and corn.

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And the Oscar Goes To…

1 Mar

I have a confession, I love the Oscars.  I love the fashion, the shoes, the pageantry, all the Hollywood people kissing each others butts, it is just great.  For this year’s Oscars I decided to make a fancy dinner for hubs and our friend Kim that would make Wolfgang Puck nod in approval.

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