Grilled Eggplant Rolatini and Apple Crisp

7 Sep

Fall is here!!!

I love fall.  It is probably my favorite season.  And, I have a confession to make.   I didn’t grill out for Labor Day.  I know it is the thing to do on the last hoorah of summer but I’m kind of over it and with the cooler temps and fall in the air I wanted comfort food!

Grilled Eggplant Rolatini

Brush1/2 inch slices of eggplant with EVOO, grill each side for 3 minutes.


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Zucchini Rice Gratin

3 Sep

I still have a kitchen full of zucchini.  If anyone wants any let me know!  I came across this recipe for zucchini and rice gratin that uses up a good amount in one easy dish.

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Zucchini Fries with Marinara Sauce

1 Sep

I officially have way more zucchini than we can possibly consume.  After doing very little over the summer my veggie patch has gone into overdrive producing femur sized zucchini, football cukes, and cherry tomatoes galore.

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Chocolate Zucchini Cake

28 Aug

My hubby’s studio recital was this weekend and I wanted to whip up something sweet for the reception.  I have a ton of zucchini thanks to my veggie garden that decided to do nothing all summer and explode in late August so I decided to use some. If you put zucchini in a cake it’s healthy, right?

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Healthy Chicken Salad and Assorted Goodies For Ravinia

24 Aug

I am way behind on blogging but I have a ton of things in the can- a trip to Door County, a trip to Michigan, and of course the typical shenanigans that occur in my kitchen- but lets start here.  A little while back the hubby and I hopped on a Metra that was on its way to Ravinia to see Lord of the Rings on the big screen accompanied by live orchestra and choir.  In a word? Awesome.

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Caprese Pasta Salad

15 Aug

Hellooooooooooo? hello….hello…hello… Is anyone there? there…there…there…

It’s been a while since my last post but I have a good excuse.  I was spending a fabulous weekend away with hubby and family up in Door County.  More on that later as I am still sorting through all my pics (I took a lot).  We had a wonderful time enjoying the weather, nature, the lake and all the great things in Door Country including the food so if you are a foodie heading to Door County I have some rec’s for you!  Stay tuned!

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Quinoa Salad and The Great Awful

11 Aug

If you read this blog often, you are probably familiar with my health goals- lose weight, improve general fitness, feel better etc., etc.  Well, I have been blogging for a little over a year and lately I’ve starting to feel like I need to kick things up a bit.  I was looking into gym memberships and shopping around when I got a Living Social coupon for unlimited boot camp classes for $39.

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