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Salmon-Crab Cakes and Swiss Chard with Dijon-Mayo Sauce

28 Jun

I have a ton of swiss chard out in the garden.  It did a lot better than my spinach which bolted and I thought it would be a good thing to finally get around to eating it.

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Chicken on the Grill, Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and the Garden

25 Jun

My camera is still acting a little weird and refusing to recognize the photo card but for some reason this evening it starting working again.  Perhaps this is because I took it into Best Buy to get it fixed (it can’t be) and I threatened to purchase a new Panasonic with super neat features…

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Pesto, Pesto, Pesto!

14 Jun

It’s summertime and one of my favorite things to do is make fresh pesto from the abundance of basil in my garden.

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