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Happy Birthday America!

5 Jul

Happy Fourth of July!!

We were so lucky here in Chicagoland to have a beautiful day for the fourth without a cloud in the sky…

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Chicken on the Grill, Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and the Garden

25 Jun

My camera is still acting a little weird and refusing to recognize the photo card but for some reason this evening it starting working again.  Perhaps this is because I took it into Best Buy to get it fixed (it can’t be) and I threatened to purchase a new Panasonic with super neat features…

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Grilled Chicken and Easy Fresh Summer Veggie Salad

13 Jun

What a gorgeous Sunday!  We had a late lunch/early dinner because Mike had work in the afternoon and then we were headed into the city to watch the Tony awards with some friends.  I had this basket of veggies that I wanted to use so I cut them up and made a fresh, summery salad.

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Bruschetta and Grilled Asparagus

8 Jun

Last night we were here sweating through 92 degree temps to watch the White Sox beat the Mariners.


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Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts

6 Jun

After yesterday’s meat extravaganza, tonight’s dinner was light and quick.

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Charcoal Steaks on the Grill

4 Jun

The other night I made some charcoal steaks on the grill.  I had never made this particular type of steak before but they looked good and I was surprised at how cheap there were, about 3 dollars.  The interwebz tells me that charcoal steak is chuck arm steak and like most inexpensive cuts of meat just needs a little TLC to taste fabulous.

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