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Weekend Edition: End of Summer Veggie Casserole and Pizza

25 Sep

It’s been a crazy weekend.  Class all day on Saturday followed by studying and more studying but that didn’t keep me from squeezing in a little kitchen time.

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A Foodie’s Birthday

1 Aug

Yesterday afternoon I was treated to a wonderful birthday lunch hosted by my friends Andrew and Michael that featured some amazing food.  Somehow they managed to fantastically arrange courses that included all my favorite types of cuisine- Middle Eastern, Italian, and French (I think a little hubby bird told them)

Here was the menu:

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Road Trip

24 May

On Saturday I took a drive down to Kentucky to visit my Mom and Grandmother.  My Mom is providing 24/7 care to my Grandmother and it was my goal this trip to provide a little respite for my Mom.

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Veggie Pizza and New Jersey Drama

16 May

After the party this weekend I find my house full of leftovers, mostly zucchini, summer squash and a whole tub of cherry tomatoes.  I was talking to my friend Liz over Gchat and immediately became overcome with a desire to make pizza with all these veggies.  I had Real Housewives of New Jersey on while I was cleaning the kitchen and working in the office so I think their loud, fabulous, super-Italianess might have influenced my craving.

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