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Weekend Edition: End of Summer Veggie Casserole and Pizza

25 Sep

It’s been a crazy weekend.  Class all day on Saturday followed by studying and more studying but that didn’t keep me from squeezing in a little kitchen time.

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Zucchini Rice Gratin

3 Sep

I still have a kitchen full of zucchini.  If anyone wants any let me know!  I came across this recipe for zucchini and rice gratin that uses up a good amount in one easy dish.

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Zucchini Fries with Marinara Sauce

1 Sep

I officially have way more zucchini than we can possibly consume.  After doing very little over the summer my veggie patch has gone into overdrive producing femur sized zucchini, football cukes, and cherry tomatoes galore.

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Chocolate Zucchini Cake

28 Aug

My hubby’s studio recital was this weekend and I wanted to whip up something sweet for the reception.  I have a ton of zucchini thanks to my veggie garden that decided to do nothing all summer and explode in late August so I decided to use some. If you put zucchini in a cake it’s healthy, right?

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31 Jul

I’ve made ratatouille before but I wanted to make a version that looked like the ratatouille from one of my favorite Pixar films of the same name.  I got a lot of good tips on how to do this from Smitten Kitchen.  First, I thinly sliced an eggplant, two tomatoes, a zucchini, and a red pepper.  You can use whatever you have around, summer squash, etc..

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Meatless Monday- Couscous Salad with Veggies and Almonds

21 Jun

So, it’s Tuesday but here is a very simple recipe for a busy Monday evening.   I used some veggies I had a round the house- a zucchini, tomato, red onion, and broccoli.

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Ocean Perch with Lemon-Tarragon Mayo

15 Jun

For dinner tonight I started with some tarragon from the garden.  I specifically planted tarragon this year for recipes like this…

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